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bodyguard does not respond when asked to join with you
Bug #: 8328
File: BodyguardHealth
Date: 06-09-15 04:34 PM
By: Im2fuzzy
Status: Awaiting Feedback
here of late if i want to have my bodyguard join me and i click on them there is no sort of
response what so ever. if i turn off the add-on then go back to my bodyguard then the applicable window opens and i am allowed to ask them to join me and they will. once they are with me i can turn the health add-on back on and then everything works fine for the most part except that there will be times that the health bar will read 0% even though the bodyguard is perfectly fine. annoying when it does do that and then the bodyguard is in trouble and i am failing to notice that there is an issue due to the bar not functioning properly!! there are never any errors to go with either of the issues. thank you for the add-on when working properly it is very handy !!

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By: Sharparam - 06-10-15 05:16 AM
I replied to your issue on GitHub here: https://github.com/SharpWoW/BodyguardHealth/issues/16

Please answer the question there so that I may help you further