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    Tooltip Does not update WSG Flag Carriers....
    Bug #: 1281
    File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu
    Date: 05-31-06 01:14 AM
    By: BTShrump
    Status: Unconfirmed
    It was working fine then I updated my FuBar (Main) and it stopped updating, only the flag carrior.

    It does not show for either horde or alliance, even after I click on the carrier it wont update.

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    By: BTShrump - 05-31-06 01:15 AM
    Ohhh I use the tooltip detach from the bar.
    By: hyperactiveChipmunk - 06-06-06 10:34 AM
    Does this persist in v1.1.5? Let me know. Thanks!

    By: chiefcastor - 06-27-06 10:39 PM
    I have the newest version of BattlegroundFu and it does not update my flag carriers either. I have the tooltip detached. I have not looked if they are updated if I leave it attached.
    By: BTShrump - 06-27-06 11:30 PM
    it worked in 1.10, but 1.11 it is broke again. doesnt update who is carring & in AB it brings up an error everytime someone captures a node
    By: chiefcastor - 06-28-06 09:40 AM
    It appears that the glory lib in BattlegroundFu is not that same as the one in HonorFu. I will copy over HonorFu's version of glory lib as it appears more recent version and post in here if that fixes it.
    By: chiefcastor - 06-28-06 07:00 PM
    Copying honorFu's glory lib just breaks it altogether.
    By: BTShrump - 07-06-06 02:27 AM
    any fixes yet for 1.11?

    it still doesn't update carriers or nodes in AB/AV
    By: chiefcastor - 07-06-06 09:05 AM
    I got it to work in 1.11. I copied glorylib from honorfu, but this involved changes to the .toc file and the .lua file. It updates both now. However, it thoughs some error anytime a node is contested in AB.
    By: BTShrump - 07-06-06 11:57 PM
    how did you change the toc & lua files?