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    Errors with FuBar 2.0
    Bug #: 1897
    File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu
    Date: 08-18-06 10:35 PM
    By: SaberHawke
    Status: Unconfirmed
    I am receiving the following error in AB every time that some assaults the Flags. In addition the TTV is show a negative -1d 55h... to victory.

    I am using the latest builds of FuBar 2.0 and Fu-compat-1.2 from the SVN.

    [2006/08/18 23:15:59-54]: FuBar_BattlegroundFu\BattlegroundFu.lua:664: GloryLib: Bad argument #2 to `NodeToPOI' (out of bounds: [1, 4] expected, got 5)
    <in C code>: ?
    <in C code>: in function `error'
    GloryLib\GloryLib.lua:277: in function <Interface\AddOns\FuBar_HonorFu\GloryLib\GloryLib.lua:262>
    GloryLib\GloryLib.lua:1736: in function `NodeToPOI'
    GloryLib\GloryLib.lua:1260: in function `IsInConflict'
    FuBar_BattlegroundFu\BattlegroundFu.lua:664: in function `UpdateTooltip_BattlefieldObjectiveTimers'
    FuBar_BattlegroundFu\BattlegroundFu.lua:563: in function `_UpdateTooltip'
    FuBarPlugin-1.2\FuBarPlugin-1.2.lua:1407: in function <...FuBar-compat-1.2\FuBarPlugin-1.2\FuBarPlugin-1.2.lua:1405>
    TabletLib\TabletLib.lua:2663: in function `children'
    TabletLib\TabletLib.lua:2706: in function `Refresh'
    FuBarPlugin-1.2\FuBarPlugin-1.2.lua:1807: in function `?'
    Ace\AceEvent.lua:18: in function `EventHandler'
    <string>:"AceEventFrame:OnEvent":2: in main chunk