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    autojoin queues
    Feature #: 608
    File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu
    Date: 04-26-06 09:06 PM
    By: Incanus
    Status: Wont add Feature
    BGAssist has an option to autojoin queues, basically you talk to the WSG, AB, or AV NPC and it automatically puts you in the first available queue. I'd love to see that as an option for this.

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    By: hyperactiveChipmunk - 04-27-06 02:09 AM
    I'll consider this, but it was never my intent to do any character actions, only to display information about the battlefields. I included the basic queue management stuff because it's the other half of the minimap button which displays queue time information, which I had always intended to include. Since people are accustomed to seeing them in the same place, it was logical to include it (and also allows us to hide the minimap button completely). The only other "action" feature is targetting the flag carrier, but this is so minor and so intuitive that I consider it an expected convenience, rather than a feature.

    This functionality, I think, will be filed next to Battlegrounds Autojoin in the "Things I'll Include Only Under Extreme Coercion" category. I feel an important part of keeping AddOns clean and unbloated is having a well-defined scope at the outset and sticking to it. In the case of BatFu, my scope was defined to be battlefield information only, which is really what makes sense when you consider it's a plugin for an INFORMATION bar AddOn.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think this is better suited for a different AddOn with a different focus. Thanks for your effort in submitting the request, and I hope this answer is satisfying to you. If you can't find anything else that suits your needs in this respect, make an outline of what ideally you'd want and send me an e-mail. I will make no promises, but I'll do what I can to accomodate you or get the word to someone who can.

    Thanks again for your interest.

    By: Incanus - 04-27-06 07:28 AM
    thx for considering, it's not something that i really need, just something i thought would be cool.