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    Party tracking and log
    Feature #: 4511
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 12-12-11 06:04 AM
    By: allogator
    Status: Flagged for Future Version
    Ability to have a second, movable frame that tracks Party member's quests

    (Basically I really miss JasonQuest, too) http://www.wowinterface.com/download...asonQuest.html

    Slightly more info. JasonQuest allowed me to have multiple tracking frames. One for each party member (who also had JasonQuest installed).

    It also allowed me to view their complete quest log from within my own quest log by clicking the portrait of them that showed up on the right side of the log.

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    By: Gregity - 12-12-11 10:41 PM
    My glancing at the code and reading comments about this say that the mod worked by sending a request out on the Party? channel and other members of the party that also had jquest installed would respond

    How do do this regularly and not clog up the Party? channel