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    Feature #: 4512
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 12-13-11 11:46 AM
    By: ShetiPhian
    Status: Awaiting Feedback
    Please add the ability to copy settings from one character to another.

    Could you add the quest numbers like the original blizzard frame has?

    The last thing is the on the go quest turn-in.
    The original frames opened a noticeable window, can that be added?

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    By: Gregity - 01-04-12 04:47 AM
    Please place separate requests as separate items in the Feature. It makes it easier to work on the items individually.

    For the settings copy, I'm planning on that in the next major release

    Adding Quest Numbers, do you mean in the Tracker Window? I don't understand what you are asking for? The Quest Levels are there in both places. Please clarify

    On the go quest turn-in. You mean auto-complete? That's an option setting you can turn on.

    Please get back to me.
    By: Amemir - 01-07-12 09:28 AM
    I believe they are meaning the quests that can be handed in remotely without needing to go back to a questgiver such as the small quest chain in Blackrock Caverns.
    By: ShetiPhian - 01-08-12 11:53 AM
    Things are always clearer in ones head then when they attempt to share :-)

    Settings Copy:
    I'm glad to hear it will be added, currently I'm editing QuestGuru_Tracker.toc , Moving QGT_Settings form SavedVariablesPerCharacter to SavedVariables. This method isn't perfect it has an undesired effect on some characters the first time they are logged in with the addon (UI is frozen need to alt+f4 then delete created file)

    Quest Numbers:
    On the original tracker window there are numbers beside each quest that match the ones on the map. This lets you know the objective for quest 5 is in the area marked with a 5 on your map

    On the go quest turn-in:
    I had a hard time describing this one, but Amemir got it.
    Some quests don't have a quest giver to accept / turn-in at, instead a window pops up. I'd like to have the option to re-enable the original popup or have a larger notification (current turn-in's cause the tracker line to fade in and out)

    Do you want me to divide this one up into separate requests or just remember for next time?
    By: Amemir - 01-08-12 05:31 PM
    I've been making the same edit for settings too Sheti.

    I also made an edit for the on-the-go quest turn-in

    I changed the CheckRemoveQuestWatch function from

    function CheckRemoveQuestWatch(arg1)
    if (QGT_IsQuestComplete(arg1) and QGT_Settings.AutoUnTrack) then


    function CheckRemoveQuestWatch(arg1)
    if (QGT_IsQuestComplete(arg1) and GetQuestLogIsAutoComplete(arg1)) then
    if (QGT_IsQuestComplete(arg1) and QGT_Settings.AutoUnTrack) then

    which pops a window up so you can complete a quest.
    By: Gregity - 01-08-12 09:45 PM
    @Sheti, Yes please, put in two more for the Quest Numbers & the On-The-Go quest turn in.

    We'll call this one the Settings copy request.

    @Amemir, thanks for sharing the code snippet. That will make it much more likely to get in faster.

    @Both, do you think a setting for doing this is appropriate? Something like QGT_QuestAutoComplete ?
    By: ShetiPhian - 01-09-12 10:04 AM
    I have divided this request up,
    In the new requests I quoted material so you don't have to pop back into this one while working on the others.