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    Feature #: 4521
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 01-07-12 09:47 AM
    By: Amemir
    Status: Under Review
    Could you add an option in to set the default watchframe when tracking both quests and achievements?

    When I am tracking quests and achievements the achievement tracker is always shown whenever I log in when I want the quest tracker to be shown by default which means I have to either change it back to the quest watch manually or untrack any achievements I'm currently tracking before logging out.

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    By: Gregity - 01-08-12 09:35 PM
    So, something like:

    Initial Tracker Panel: _ Quest _ Achievement _ LastOpen

    I haven't investigated this function of the addon yet (If you don't know, I'm new at authoring this addon) but I recall numerous complaints that the tracker doesn't seem to remember what panel it was on last. I thought MrObrian had that fixed unless I misunderstand your meaning.

    By: Amemir - 01-09-12 08:13 AM
    I'm not sure whether MrObrian fixed it but when using the latest version and tracking both quests and achievements even with the quest frame shown while logging out it always starts on the achievements frame.

    I have recently found that I can have both frames shown at the same time instead of having to switch which makes this problem a little less annoying as they are separate frames they both show. I still prefer to have them combined but until it is fixed I can live with using it like this.