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    Quest tracker enhancements
    Feature #: 4552
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 05-10-12 01:32 PM
    By: Goddess-Suicune
    Status: Under Review
    Love the addon, been using it for a very long time.

    I recently saw an addon pop up named QuestZone, which would hide or display quests based on location to reduce clutter. I submitted a request for them to try to allow the addon to work with QuestGuru, but I'd rather have that feature added into it as opposed to having another addon. Here is a link to the addon in case my description isn't ideal- http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/questzone.

    Since QuestGuru also tracks achievements, it might be nice to also hide/show them if they require a certain zone (such as a raid or battleground) to be completed in. Options could control achieves separately from quests, so you could choose to show/hide objectives independently based on certain conditionals, or override for certain achieves/quests (dailies for example).

    I love that QuestGuru has the option to minimize quests down to the zone, but this addition would hide the zone if you aren't currently there. I feel that it will help people who like to keep minimalistic UIs, but not forget to do a quest when in a dungeon or a zone.

    Another idea that popped into my head was using a tiny blue '!' (where the options/minimize buttons are in the corner) if you have dailies in your log but are not being actively tracked. Kind of like an alert if you are in a bg or raid but have to do those dailies you picked up earlier before logging out- you'll see the little blue icon and remember. That's just an idea and can be expanded upon, options to disable it, show always (if you have a daily in log), show only when dailies are hidden, etc.

    The only other request I have is the option to hide the title bar when the tracker itself is minimized. It isn't a gamebreaker having it show at all times while quests are tracked, but going back to the minimalistic UI preference, I'd much rather have a small arrow or other icon to click to expand/minimize the tracker.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for the time you take working on it!