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    World map Intergration and Quest routing
    Feature #: 4578
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 08-26-12 05:46 AM
    By: Reaper666735
    Status: Under Review
    hi again , so like my comment i posted , its about integrating the addon into the World map , by hiding ( transparency ) the number icon's from wow's Quest tracker ( while leaving the quest zone it's shows ),

    or in case you prefer to make your own icon's / quest zone outline's ... that is also good :p , dunno if size / transparency / color ... options might be appropriate aswell .. , also if possible a simple routing ( ant trail ) for efficient questing .... ,

    again its in a similar way to the old Quest Helper addon features that many like ( seems you aswell :p ) but the addon authors seem to be giving up on keeping it updated and or worked on in general ways ... , and with MOP around the corner ppl will certainly be wanting those kind of addons to follow them all the way into the mystical Pandaria :)