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    suggested improvements to the way UI Alert type quests are shown
    Feature #: 4589
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 09-07-12 12:50 AM
    By: Emmaleah
    Status: Under Review
    When cataclysm brought us the new quest turn in to UI Alert mechanism, I don't find the way QG was modified to work well for me. I regularly miss the faint flickering of the quest name that indicates that there is a quest to turn in. I think I understand why it was done that way. Afterall this is an addon for people who want a minimalist quest tracker. However, for me, that is too minimalist. The simplist solution I see would be to allow the color to be user customizable, this allowing me to set it to safety orange or something. Ideally, what I would like to see is that a pop up would occur at the top of the quest tracker (whether or not it is minimized - like the default does) that I could then click on to either turn in the quest / or open the quest log and read the lore stuff (user configure - which behaviour). Unlike the default quest log, I would like the tracker to remain in or return to the minimized state if it was before the pop up occured. (but that is a smaller annoyance)

    (Sorry I didnt notice this spot before )

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    By: Gregity - 09-11-12 08:26 PM
    Yeah, Real Easy to miss that little ? in the log. I'm working on something like Blizz does with the big flash thing. I'm also taking that same idea and doing something for quests that appear in the bag on an item. Making it real easy to detect and then take the quest.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Keep them coming folks. comment on the ones you most want.