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    Enhancement - open AutoComplete quest continue dialog automagically
    Feature #: 4670
    File: QuestGuru
    Date: 11-16-13 10:35 AM
    By: speedwaystar
    Status: Under Review
    QuestGuru_Announce handles AutoComplete quests (introduced in MoP) by adding "(?") to the quest title, but taking no further action.

    I've added the following line to QGT_Quests.lua, which (in addition to the above) automatically opens the quest's continuation dialog when an AutoComplete quest event arises.

    Lua Code:
    1. -- Autocomplete
    2.     if (isComplete and GetQuestLogIsAutoComplete(questIndex)) then
    3.         QGT_WatchLine[watchTextIndex].Text = "(?) "..QGT_WatchLine[watchTextIndex].Text;
    4.         QGT_WatchLine[watchTextIndex].flashing = true;
    5.         -- display quest item gossip frame
    6.         ShowQuestComplete(questIndex)
    7.     end

    If you decide to implement this, you might want to also add a new field to the options menu to enable or disable this behaviour.