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Dont work party/raid members names in pve.
Bug #: 8708
File: Altz UI for BFA
Date: 08-06-17 07:03 PM
By: meosh23
Status: Unconfirmed
Before u read it hope u'll understand my broken english cuz im foreigner.
At fust i want to say thank you for this ui. Its my lovely interface.

My problem is:
Im playing as healer.
When im in pvp like arena or battleground everything is ok. But when im in pve dungeons or raids i dont see names and arrow above names of my party(raid) members. I dont see all names but i see mobs and bosses names and arrows.

P.S of course i know about ctrl+v and v buttons. In pvp all is ok.
Linkeded screenshots

Hope u will solve my problem.
Great wishes!