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Missing character frame and top bar/raid tools
Bug #: 8806
File: Altz UI for BFA
Date: 07-23-18 08:45 AM
By: TSByeetboi
Status: Unconfirmed
When the pre-patch launched Altz UI stopped working entirely. All aspects broke so I waited for the new Altz UI for BFA to come out. I just downloaded it and went to see which features worked and how they compared with the previous iteration. I am missing many things and getting 18-19 separate lua errors which I don't personally understand. First off I am missing a personal character frame. Just doesn't exist. My target frame is not the familiar rectangle in the center but the default target frame in the top left. I no longer have the top bar containing the spellbook, dungeon finder, or config tab to alter any Altz UI settings. All of my addons are up to date as of 7/23/2018 7:30 am. I only have DBM, raider io, and Aurora/altz ui/oGlow.