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hide top menu, buffs, quest tracker, raid frames and custom ui coloring
Feature #: 4820
File: Altz UI for BFA
Date: 04-15-16 10:47 PM
By: coldfiredi
Status: Under Review
a few features id like to see are, the ability to hide or make mouseover - buffs and debuffs, the altz menu bar at and buttons at the top, the raid frames customized by altz, quest tracker frame. Id also like to see the ability to change the ui colors, for example if i wanted to make the fonts and colored bars around the ui a custom blue, id like to be able to do so.

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By: coldfiredi - 04-15-16 10:52 PM
correction i just now realized there is the ability to change the colors. however the ability to turn off the afk screen when you reload would be nice.
By: coldfiredi - 04-19-16 09:15 PM
a feature idea i just realized, you could utilize the hide panels you made for the map and chat, it would be nice to see panel hiders like that for the top menu buttons and the buff/debuff areas including hiding the quest frame. this would give a better feel and customization.