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Two unselectable frames in ui
Bug #: 8830
File: DecUI
Date: 08-14-18 01:37 AM
By: Miraculix
Status: Unconfirmed

since I've updated to version 10.77 (today to 10.78) there are two undefined frames below my char. They are empty and I am not able to delete, move or doing anything more when I use the L knob to unlock the anchors.

I have made a very new and clean install with upcoming of WOW Release 8.01.

Im not able to upload the screenshots to this report, if there is no option for it.... Maybe I'm blind...

Ask you to help with this bug and hope, that there is a pretty easy solution ;-)

I'm using decui since a long time and I'm very happy with this outstanding interface. Thank you for your very good work!