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A few requests...
Feature #: 4577
File: Simple Spy
Date: 08-25-12 11:49 PM
By: ajburden
Status: Under Review
1. Any chance of S. Spy keeping track of battles against enemy players and recording the KB as win? Spy used this and it was pretty awesome.

2. Any way to show targeted enemy on mini-map?

3. In TB when the battle is over S. Spy window is gone even if you own TB and are getting ganked all over the place. Kinda nice to have it work in BG's because it warns you of incoming.

4. One last thing is the refresh rate of the list. Seems like the enemy stays on the list for a long, long time. No way of knowing if he is following you or if they stay right where they were first scanned.

Thanks!!!! Awesome add-on!!!!:cool: