11-30-12 12:59 PM by: 10leej
Well to my moderate surprise this UI (as it iswith 5.0.7a) should work fairly well into 5.1 then again I don't do much raiding at all so please report any bugs immediately. I'm aware there is an issue with the vehicle bar... again.

Notifications support will be fully removed, I've determined Notifications a little beyond my skills with lua and even then all I was gonna really do with it was change the way it looked.

Chat bug is something I'm still working on a easy fix on (for the most part im probably going about it wrong) course I'm probably just going to remove the automatic frame moving for the chat frames anyway.

Unitframe portrait bug is pretty much the portraits being created after they get skinned by BobUI, this means I need to either adjust the time it takes for the portraits to be created or the skin (aka border) skin will probably be easier to do so for me, but either way something will be fixed and (puts on pessimists gloves) it'll all be broken again in 5.1

Either way I drastically cut my playing time to my days off so updates will probably not come very fast so contributions will be nice and greatly appreciated.