02-11-13 05:12 AM by: 10leej
Finally downloaded ptr and beta test BobUI with it.

Issues noticed so far:
If you play a class with an alternate power bar (shadow orbs, chi, ect) and gain a pet, the pet frame will cover up the alternate resource, only way for me to easily fix this would be to move the petframe (debating as much as well) though I've always been a fan of "petframe below player" style but I might move it above the player frame either way it's gonna take a lot of thought.

XP bar does not work very well with 5.2 it is disabled till I can fix it.

chat frame's appear in front of chat backround modules
rewrote chat tabs BobUI now uses Fane, by haste but like everything else it's been modified.
chat frames are now only resizable in game and /setchat function has been removed
Corrected Status text on unitframes
Incorperating xCT (not xCT+ the better one dammit)

To do's:
arena frames