03-15-13 02:54 PM by: 10leej
  • Test bags are being transferred from the test.lua to create a new option called bags2 (cfg.bags2 in config file).
  • Corrected some positioning issues with Stance Bar and ExtraActionButton (stance is on right side of bottom actionbar ExtraActionButton is placed on the upper right of top actionbar).
  • Due to issues with special power bars I am forced to move the Pet Frame to a lower location. Not as pretty but it won't mess up shadow priest/warlocks now.
  • Correct skin bug on target aura frames
  • Correct mislabelled tooltip option (this requires a config file update)
  • XP Bar bug wasn't actually a bug someone didn't realize the XP bar is blank when your not tracking XP or Rep
  • Unitframes have been changed to make my life a little easier in updating them and there should be no more errors but you will need to re-apply textures.
  • Corrected cast timer size issue with castbars, should now scale with spell name text properly

To do's:
Arena Frames are proving oddly difficult to nuke the texture on like I did everything else they may take a while.