04-21-13 07:34 PM by: 10leej
When I originally started coding addons I never expected to get this many overall downloads. Thank you all for the support. Then again I also expected myself to just simply ragequit.

Downloads to this date of my actively maintained addons:
BobUI - 4,464 10 Favorites
Bobbars - 1,224 3 Favorites
RaidFrameResizer - 787 8 Favorites
BankAltUI - 409
ChatReverse - 251

BobUI actually started out as a ligitamate UI Compilation consisting of oUF_jir dominoes and grid with a few other select addons then I moved on to a tukUI based UI then came probably one of my more favorite UI's devised otherwise known as BobUI 3.0 then after that I started shaping BobUI into what it is today starting with BobUI 4.0 (The lumen UI) basing BobUI centrally around oUF_lumen (unfortunately I have no pics of this time due to a hdd crash)

Now BobUI is probably one of the most customizable All in One UI's out there with the latest version 5.3b and I've had various positive remarks about it.

Here's to a bright future maybe someday people will talk about BobUI like they do tukUI (though that's wishful thinking)