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Pandaria Version Bug
Bug #: 7835
File: Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor
Date: 10-07-12 07:15 PM
By: squiretoad
Status: Fixed
The predicted disenchanting materials still work. However, after I've DE'd an object, I get this LUA error window. (The object still DE's correctly.)

Message: ...dOns\GFW_DisenchantPredictor\DisenchantPredictor.lua:354: attempt to call global 'LootSlotIsCoin' (a nil value)
Time: 10/07/12 21:10:39
Count: 4
Stack: ...dOns\GFW_DisenchantPredictor\DisenchantPredictor.lua:354: in function <...dOns\GFW_DisenchantPredictor\DisenchantPredictor.lua:345>

Locals: self = DisenchantPredictorFrame {
0 = <userdata>
event = "LOOT_OPENED"

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By: Gazmik - 10-07-12 10:41 PM
This is fixed in the current release, version 5.0.2. If you think you're running that version and still seeing this error, you have an improperly installed copy of the addon -- try wiping it and reinstalling a freshly downloaded one.