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Tidy Plates: Threat Plates
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
6333 error when toggling off neutral and normal threat in options 12-22-09 09:16 PM nummy Fixed
By: suicidalkatt
12-22-09 09:43 PM
6363 Lua error on login: attempt to call method 'UseAutoHide' (a nil value) 01-02-10 11:33 PM Laren Fixed
By: Laren
01-04-10 11:45 AM
6419 Bar Layout bug 01-25-10 09:06 PM Apakal Fixed None.
6425 Large memory spikes and FPS drops 02-01-10 06:46 AM Meebsy Fixed None.
6462 error when using abilities as DPS 02-16-10 10:38 AM antisocialian Fixed None.
6504 attempt to concatenate field 'theme' (a nil value) 03-16-10 06:22 PM antisocialian Fixed None.
Tidy Plates: CleanPlates
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
6339 Font issue 12-24-09 11:35 AM ichik Fixed None.
The Ultimate Shaman Auras v4.0
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
6644 Mana Tide doesn't work 06-23-10 05:10 PM kingrodriguez Fixed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
7162 Nil 'recent' index value [GuildRosterButtons, v1.4] 01-03-11 09:16 PM Myrathi Fixed
By: suicidalkatt
01-09-11 02:32 AM
Threat Plates
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
7197 Level Text cant be disabled 01-15-11 09:32 AM Zelnia Unconfirmed None.