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I, Mike-N-Go, am looking to get back into the swing of things, but to do that, I need your help!

Last time I stopped making addons, it was a combination of lack of interest from my users (few comments or feature requests) and money: I am yet to get 1 copper donation.

Additionally, I am looking for partnerships. If you have some skill (AddOns developer, technical writing, translating/localizing or alpha testing) of any kind, please send me an email to [email protected] with the "WoW Interface" in the subject.

I do not currently have a job, and I love to make AddOns: Please enable me to do my passion. If you can spare $5, write a comment, send me a thank you note on how one of my AddOns has helped you; anything really.. it would go a long way to motivating me.

Thank you for listening to my plea..

May your travels be well met!

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11-10-08 10:17 PM by: Mike-N-Go
Click here to see my released addons.

Note to addon authors: Feel free to borrow any of my ideas; this is welcomed.

(Released) Auto Mail Director:
Assists, with haste, in mas-mailing via key-bindings.

(Released) Trade Secretary: Who Crafts
Tracks who can craft what; tell your friends to whisper you '!wc' to view your directory. Use /wcc to update it.

(Released) Trade Secretary: Ad Repeater:
Sends your defined ads to the trade channel to advertise your exotic goods, or items you wish to buy.

(Released) Trade Secretary: Privy Cork:
Filter to block irrelevant trade chat (IE: if it does not have one of the code words, like 'wts' or 'wtb', it will be blocked).

(Released) Duel Nullify:
Suppress system messages "X has defeated Y in a duel"

(Released) Say Again
Macro functionality to messages, with dynamic channels.

(Released) Trade Secretary: Window Teller:
History tracking of items through the trade window.

(Released) InstanceMinion: Spec Transmiter
A minion to report to queries about doing an instance or what your spec is!

(Released) AnnounceTheFollowing
Automatically aleart a channel when you follow someone

(Released) TrackingReminder
Forget your track herbs, mining, or something? Be reminded, with TrackingReminder!

(Released) SimplePvPQuestFlager
When you accept a quest that will flag you as PVP, accept it when pressed and skip the pop confirmation

(Released) MyNameTogglesWhenIAFK
When the player is flagged as AFK, show the player's name plate

(Released) Extended Shutdown Warning
You cannot miss the "[SERVER].." warnings with Extended Shutdown Warning

(ETA: Very Soon) Guild Bulletin
An alternative messaging system for guilds; ticket based; 'posting' news. (e.g. Someone posts "LF healer VH normal" and it is shown to everyone with the addon in the guild via a LDB feed; this has a time limit and the user can take down the bulletin when he logs or choses)

(ETA: Very Soon) Verse of the Day
A rotation of verses of the day in an LDB feed.

(ETA: Very Soon) Bible Viewer
A viewer for the Bible in WoW.

(ETA: Very Soon) Unshift to Siege
Auto unmount/shift when getting into a siege weapon

(ETA: Very Soon) LDB Dailies Counter
Shows the number of dailies completed and time to rest in LDB

(ETA: Soon) Daily Heroic Checklist
A checklist of what heroics the player has done, can compare to other players/party

(ETA: Soon) Noisy Item
Make a sound when the user loots an item on the list (like herb/ore)

(ETA: Soon) Boss Checklist
You ask, "Did we do that boss?" This mod is a tracker for instance bosses to note what bosses are killed and what ones are still up.

(ETA: Soon) Update and Rename FromAKill2AView
Now with party support. This mod auto-marks based off of party/raid targets.

(ETA: Somewhat Soon) Don't Forget Your Badge!
Remind the player if they do not loot a badge if someone in their party does if they have not (and are not dead) within x time frame

(ETA: Soon) SoloFarmHands
An addon that speeds up farming low level instances. Auto reset when leave instance (Set by zone). Auto-delete specific items.

(ETA: Soon) Friends+
Improvements for all things 'friends'. Sounds for when you add/remove friends. Different sound if friends list is full when you try to add a friend. Logging of everyone who has been in your friends list (unless you remove them), so you can see an 'extended' friends list but without notification if they are logged in or not, support for whispering/group inv/etc with this list. Sound chimes when a friend logs in/logs out. Defaults for each class, customizable to disable per person, level, or class. Slash command for adding friends. Popup add box if they are already your friend, asking you to select someone else. Support for scrolling text in the middle of screen of logs and friends management. Keybindings for friends functions as well. IE: Mouse over the friend, and press your key-bind.

(ETA: Soon) Zone Alias
Instance and zone short-hand made long. Replaces the messages seen and sent in the chat frame that have abv. for instances/zone with the full name. Comes with levels for each zone.

(ETA: Soon) I Need A..
Saves the current spec and time last updated of people within 10 levels of you or in your friends/guild. This result is then placed into their mouseover tooltip, and when rightclicked in chat, or who. Also ads support for a mouseover frame of your friends/guild of their spec. Also, syncing between other I Need A..s in guild/party.

(ETA: Soon) LeaderPrivileges4All
Revision of KingMe. Pass leader/assistant to a group member or allow them to invite you by the party member saying "!kingme" or "!inv NAME". Support for list of black (IE: blacklist). Enable toggle for party/raid.

(ETA: Sometime) Group Listing
Concatenate (add) the names of the current group to a frame to cut and paste. Mainly for easy paste to Be Imba.

(ETA: Sometime) revised Name Violation
Fix of Name Violation, semi-automatic reporting of names that break the Naming Policy construction.

(ETA: Sometime) revised BGJoinTime
Auto join BGs and show a ticker of how much time you can wait until entering, will have new BG support.

(ETA: Sometime) ChatFilterLib
A library to filter chat messages. Comes with ChatFilterLib_GUI for the user to manually input filters. Supports allow/denny filters.

(ETA: Sometime) ReadyCheck Relay
Announces to chat the results of the ready check, if the user can see them. If another user in the group has the mod enabled and they can see the results of the readycheck, only one of the users are selected to relay the results.

(ETA: Sometime) Tactics Update
An update to Tactics. This would allow support for whisper search and CTL, among other updates.

(ETA: Sometime) LFG Redirect:
Put chat messages with 'LFG/LFM' into a spefic chat frame, and hide it from the channel it would otherwise go to.

(ETA: Maybe?) Grounding Helper
Assists the shaman in when to lay his grounding totem when the CD is up if it was distoryed before the CD is up, reminder otherwise if it is destroyed before it expires. Notification with "Grounding Ready" on scrolling text and voice.

(ETA: Maybe?) Guild Secretary: Advertiser/Seeker
Two different mods. 'Advertiser' will send a message to the looking for guild channel, if it is present, every x minutes with the text that you set. 'Seeker' will alert the user when a recruitment opportunity is presented to the guild channel and will store the last x recruitment messages for x time for the user to review at his leisure. Intention is for a future version to have built-in communications abilities for guild recruiters to meet recruiters via some snazzy in-game forum like GUI; one can dream.

(ETA: Maybe?) LFG Redirect
Put chat messages with 'LFG/LFM' into a spefic chat frame, and hide it from the channel it would otherwise go to. Allows searching for notification of keywords.

(ETA: Maybe?) Loot Roller Helper
Arh! Lost within a sea of rolls. This mod helps the Loot Master in manually distributing loot. Different from other mods with the same function. It looks for when the user says "Roll" as the first word in party/raid/say. Allows support for multiple winners IE: "Roll SOMETHING top 3 rolls" would print the top rollers within the timeframe for rolling. Only takes the first roll after the roll is announced that is 1-100. If the player says 'pass' they are counted as a roll of 0. If multiple people have the mod in the raid, a frame will come up asking the user if they want to pass loot distribution responsibility to the other.

(ETA: Maybe?) AddOnScribeExporter or AddOnListExporter
Makes a copyable wall of text of the current addons the player has. Defaulted to show 'Title' and 'Notes', support for other variables are toggle.

(ETA: Maybe?) Attack of the Pet!
When a player's pet gains a new target, notify the user who it is attacking.

(ETA: Maybe?) Talent Planner Update
An update to Talent Planner with one change he said he would not implement: reflection to the players' current level in the talent frame.

(No ETA) Aid Me!
A collection of battleground and PvP utilities.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Trade Secretary: Mail Director
Auto Mail Director redone and updated.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Item Poof No More:
Block and/or give warning if the user tries to delete, sell, disenchant, or otherwise destroy an item that is blue or better or on a keep list.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Healers Voice
A speaking voice that notifies the user of debuffs and people that are in need of healing and other things reviliant to a healer. Set for defaults in party members and their pets, focus, class in raid, and other's on the watch list. IE: "Party-member 3's pet needs healing!" when it drops bellow x value or if estimated it would die within 10 seconds if it does not receive enough HPS vs the DPS taken. Should be a dependency of some mods that monitor these things.

(ETA: No Time Soon) The Voice of DBM/BW
Support for notification when a DBM/BW timer reaches x time to announce the timer to the player verbally.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Use That CD!
Notifies the user to use there CDs/spells at x time when they are up or at the start of a fight.

(ETA: No Time Soon) GroupClock
Put your group on the clock! Monitor time in-between boss kills, AFK/combat ratio, loot, DPH (deaths per hour), time from when you joined the group to when you got into the instance, who was in your group, and logging of these things. Notes how many instances you have done with the person in their tooltip via mouseover/whoresults, any notes on their performance. Also, logging for all these things.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Instance4Cash
A tool to foster paid instance runs.

(ETA: No Time Soon) Macrotexter Update