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09-18-16 04:39 AM by: TimothyLuke
As of 1.3.8 of GS-E you can now trace the execution of your Macro. This is an option in your Interface Options under the Debug Window.

The Columns in that are:
SequenceName,CurrentLineNumber,Spell,Is the Spell on Cooldown?,Do you have the resources for the spell?,Is Global Cooldown in effect?
1.3 was a rewrite of about 80% of the mod.

Good News:
  • You can do everything in game. No more needing a text editor or GS-myMacros or LUA errors.
  • You can now import a Sequence via a copy/paste
  • The realtime parser didnt work as well as it should have in 1.2 Its now off by default but you can still turn it on. It is scheduled for a lot of work in the next version.
  • The entire storage side has been rewritten to allow for multiple versions of a macro. No more LiveTest. When you log out it will keep the latest version.
  • More language updates. Also a sample of how to create errata for words that are not updating has been added to the source of GS-myMacros
  • A ton of bug fixes

The preview Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZxXCb0CBXk

In order to make this work, I had to change the way that Sequences were loaded. THe good part is that you can now tell where a macro came from. There is now a Source and AuthorVersion tag in the header so you can see where something came from. The downside is that if you used to maintain a single Sequences.lua file in GS-Core, this file will no longer load. What you can do though is copy every sequence and import them as one hit!. The macros are saved in the c:\path\to\World of Warcraft\WTF\AccountName\SavedVariables\GS-Core.lua This file will only be written when WOW completely closes. There should be almost no reason to edit this file.

The last minute change that missed the video is that where there used to be radio buttons for class and spec there is a a dropdown. If something imports with no or the wrong spec you can change it.

I am about to release 1.1.5 of GS-E.

This contains a ton of fixes to the Translator and now caters for all game locales.
  • deDE
  • enGB
  • enUS
  • esES
  • esMX
  • frFR
  • itIT
  • koKR
  • plPL
  • ptBR
  • ruRU
  • zhTW
Instead of being 22Mb for 4 languages its also now 2Mb all languages. There is a tradeoff to this. I have a process that takes 4 hours to run that generates the languages and it obtains that information from Blizzards out of game API. There are currently 250,000 spells in that API. The initial release had a 85,000 spell subset. I have narrowed that down now to 2,000. When that 4 hour process works it just downloads those 2000 spells. There is the possibility that I have missed an ability. If you have the Translator installed and loaded in game (You dont have to have the GS-E option turned on to do this) you can run the following macro to tell what hasnt been translated from your macros. You can use this to identify spelling mistakes etc in Sequences. You will need to do a /console reloadui after this as it will translate every sequence loaded into spanish!

Lua Code:
  1. /run GSTRReportUnfoundSpells()
  2. /run GSDebugOutput = table.concat(GSTRUnfoundSpells,"\n")
  3. /gs showdebugoutput
The result of that macro will be a single line text box:

Click that text box and press CTRL+A then CTRL+C (Select all, Copy) and then into your text editor paste and you will get a result like:

Raise Dead
Horn of Winter
Incarnation: King of the Jungle
Mind Spike
Mind Spike
The 13ís and 14ís are from trinket lines. But the other spells is telling you that either there are spelling mistakes in those spells or they are not in the master list. When you find one thats missing let me know so I can add it to the list.

Speaking if the 13ís and 14ís I have been asked for better control of when you use Trinket and Ring abilities. How many times have you seen this copy/pasted into a sequence?

Lua Code:
  1. PostMacro = [[
  2. /use [combat]13
  3. /use [combat]14
  4. ]],
There are now in the Global Options the abilities to turn on and off using Rings and Trinkets. All the DraikMacros now have the /use [combat] 13 lines removed. The mod will filter out any of these it sees left over in other macros.

This screen also lists every addon to GS-E that has been installed in the middle.

If you ever want to see whats actually on the button instead of the sequence:
Lua Code:
  1. /dump _G['SequenceName']:GetAttribute('PostMacro')
Hey Everyone

Just released version 1.0.5 of GS-E that should hopefully see the end of the crashes on a /gs

I cant believe that this mod has hit 15000 combined downloads. I never expected that there would be so much interest.

Some people have asked what this is and how it works and why do they need it. I have released an intro video here:


-- TimothyLuke
Hi Everyone,

GS-E has just been updated to 1.0.1. THe main change apart from some bug fixes is the new command
/gs cleanorphans
This command will check for any left over GS-E Macro's that no longer have a sequence behind them.

For example you had a Sequence called RetTest and its now called Ret. You enter /gs and it adds Ret to your macro list but there is still a left over macro called RetTest that now wont do anything. A
/gs cleanorphans
will delete the RetTest for you.

I have also uploaded a Addin Pack shell called myMacros. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...AddinPack.html You can use this shell to store your own personal macros without fear of them being overridden or altered in an update. All the bundled macros now begin with "DB_" or "HP_" (HighPerformance Macro Pack Coming Soon (TM)) so you can tell them from your own ones.

You can get GnomeSequencer-Enhanced from
Did you know that this comes out of the box with 49 macros as a start?