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attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
Bug #: 8257
File: All Your Base
Date: 12-07-14 11:31 AM
By: goofdad
Status: Cant Reproduce
When upgrading a building, apparently wow doesn't send a properly formatted GARRISON_BUILDING_REMOVED event for the old building, which crashes AYB.

I've patched AYB to work around this (and did a bit of code cleanup as well). Where should I send the patch? Are you interested in other contributors to your project? Do you have a Git repository?

I know ... lots of questions!

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By: Recompense - 03-19-15 09:33 AM
Due to non-response, I am closing this out.
By: Recompense - 03-11-15 02:29 PM
goofdad, were you still seeing problems with this section of the code? I know your post was from several months ago.
By: goofdad - 12-07-14 11:34 AM
And another one when completing a building ... I'll look into that one when I get home.