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    Opposite Factions Nubers always 0
    Bug #: 674
    File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu
    Date: 04-11-06 05:27 PM
    By: Slayman
    Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)
    I've been playing Warsong Matches and the tooltip shows the numbers of players for each side
    but the opposite side is shown as zero even if the blizz bg stats screen shows the correct amount of players

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    By: hyperactiveChipmunk - 04-12-06 08:01 AM
    I realized last night what causes this. I used Blizzard's own scoreboard player-counter function to set these values. It works by scanning the scoreboard and counting the number of Alliance entries and the number of Horde entries. Unfortunately, if you've switched to one of the single-faction tabs, it longer shows any entries for the team which is not being shown, and thus does not count them. /bonk self

    I'll work on a new system for this when I get home from school tonight. Thanks for the heads-up! I really appreciate the help!

    By: Slayman - 04-12-06 06:23 AM
    ok it's not the opposite side it's the alliance
    i made a screenie for you:
    By: Slayman - 04-12-06 06:00 AM
    I'm playing on a german server with the uk english client
    using the latest FuBar, babblelib and BGFu
    the BG was Warsong lvl 10-19 and Arathi lvl 60
    Warsong as Horde and Arathi as Alliance.
    Today a new FuBar was released I'm trying it out and post here again if nothing changes.
    By: hyperactiveChipmunk - 04-11-06 05:45 PM
    Alrighty; I'm not having that problem locally, but I'll see what I can do to figure it out. Any additional information you can provide would be great.

    Thanks for the report and your interest in my AddOn! >8)