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I'm a raiding Priest on Stormrage, and I enjoy fiddling with lua code.
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06-06-07 10:56 PM by: Crepusculu
Still coding between classes and raiding.

Addon Manager
My addon manager was a fun little project to try out new functions and make myself a personal manager. I'm likely to leave it as-is since I don't want a bulky dependent mod which is designed to manage others. Well, maybe a graphical re-design to something more eye-pleasing, but overall its done

I've realized I never updated my buff mod to fix the tooltip anchoring. Its a simple 2 line fix, but I haven't gotten any complaints yet so i'm probably going to update it if/when I get around to rewriting it with new ideas and experiences

My spam mod is still working great. Not in use much now, but i'm sure the spammers will find something new. I'll wait and see.

I've picked up pitbull (ace2 modular unit frame mod) and had problems with it and raiding while using HRA. luckily pitbulls raiding system sucks and i'm not using it, but I would like to figure out how pitbull is screwing around with my mod (or how my is failing to screw around with it =b ). I need to check if the coloring system is working correctly. I could also run through common unit frame mods and hack through their updating routines to not override the alpha/color changes-- although I've mostly run on requests for that and I haven't gotten any requests.

Oh god, what have i gotten myself into...

- tracking raid health
- parsing combat logs
- reading tooltips
- tracking mana ticks
- neeed to track buff changes for spell damage/healing changes
- want to track incoming damage
- want to calculate required stamina to survive last hit
- want to calculate statistical values for all caster classes
- want to track items for comparison... incoming lootlink Crep style...
- want to create a animated frame showing mana changes
- want to create a death watch for players (see how they died, why they died/ who saved them via heals/bop/shield etc etc)
- damage/healing meters for raid
- reverse engineer the prayer of mending to find original caster
- class system of reusability

This project is rapidly expanding. I'll see what happens.
Thanks to WoWInterface, I'm currently upgrading my current sets of code into a working condition. As of current, I have CrepBuffs (unpublished), HealingRangeAlpha, and CrepMana (unpublished) functional. I've gotten all excited about the new possibilities with the beta interface, so let me share what's happening.

This is the least changed mod, outside of the conversion to the new lua code. Current problems on this mod are its disappearing act when changing resolution size and its inflexible format as suggested in the mods comments. Plans for this mod are to make a simple UI designer for the user to place whatever buff elements where-ever they want onto the list. This'll mean I'll have to write options frame, but I've had some practice with other mods so this shouldn't be too hard

Healing Range Alpha
Wow-- Large improvement from my targeting system. The spell range function works like a charm on party/raid members without the associated lag or dirty hooking that I was relying on before. Secondly, because all unit frames need to be in secure template mode to have click functions, I have generically captured all frames from whatever mod they might be from. Awesome

This mod is similar to your damage meters and recap type mods, however it instead focuses on capturing your MANA. That is to say, this mod aims to track efficiency. The new spell success function greatly aids the capture of all spells casted, and thus promptly reversed into mana cost. In addition to buff/spell style mana gains and loses, I can monitor the real mana ticks. By tracking EVERY mana tick, you can provide a real data value for statistical bonuses. Ultimately, the mod will be able to do real-time stat comparsions for equipment, especially with the expansion coming out, its fairly difficult to determine what stats are better.

Besides those three, I have a Gatherer addon, which won't be seeing light until Gatherer is updated to beta.

I've been thinking about a data tracking mod, so I can debug more easily in game, as well as an inventory mod to track an item's lifetime in my bags so I know when to throw stuff out. Yarly, my bags are a mess.

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09-14-06 12:13 AM by: Crepusculu
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