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    Content to come within the next few days.
    Sorry to report that I stopped playing WoW a while back, which also means that my add-on development has stopped.

    Anyone is free to pick up any of my add-ons and carry on developing them. As long as I'm given initial credit, then by all means go nuts ^^

    I do have some add-ons which has never been publicly released, but I bet players would find them useful (those who had access to them did at least). But like my other add-ons they are not updated for patch 3 either.
    So if anyone out there is interested in perhaps taking up one or more of these add-ons, drop me a PM to hear about what they are and based on that if it's something you'd like to fix up.
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    12-28-07 12:33 AM by: [V]iper
    As it stands now I won't be able to resume work on my add-ons before some time into January, where I should hopefully have time to do so.

    Sorry to those waiting for On-use Cooldown Notifier to be updated to work with direct bindings.
    As soon as I have the time I will get back to working on my add-ons.
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    12-02-07 06:13 AM by: [V]iper
    I don't have the time to do much in here right now, but I would like to give a small update:

    First of all I'm in the progress of moving all my add-ons to this site, so more add-ons will be added as time permits. Some previously guild-only add-ons might also become available, but that has yet to be decided.

    Currently On-use Cooldown Notifier is the add-on getting attention. It will take a bit of time due to the changes that needs to be made for it to work like it should. My previous method had some limitations so I have to do it another way, but since the entire internal code chain relies on the first method a lot of things in the add-on needs to get new code (and tested).

    On top of that I'm occupied with some other things right now, meaning that I can't work on OUCN just yet. But in 2 weeks time I should be able to get back to OUCN and moving more of my add-ons to this site.