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    Here you can find all kind of stuff about my AddOns.
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    04-29-09 08:12 AM by: Daedal
    I finally updated my old addon DPSMeter to work in 3.1! Haven't been working on it since... 2.4? so I wanted to get it to work again. The code is not very clean but it works, and now I'm going to start updating it again.

    I also uploaded my other small addon which I made for myself a while ago, MusicButler. It doesn't have much features yet, but maybe later it will. Some other stuff might be also coming soon.
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    04-11-08 07:37 AM by: Daedal
    This is my new portal where I will post some news and other thingys.
    So, I uploaded my first public addon, DPSMeter, and I am currently managing it, fixing bugs and adding more features.