Welcome to the home for the Kael Cycle Mods. I am also the head of the Ace Project and as a result many of the core addons there also will use this portal.

I hope that everyone will start using this portal for both bug reports and for feature requests.

There are links on the side of the page that will direct you to my svn, trac, and other information. I will be offering other pages soon, and trying to fill up the F.A.Q. soon.

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07-23-06 12:30 AM by: Kaelten
Again, its a long time coming, and a lot has changed, but I think its for the better, take a look around and give me some feedback! Thanks guys.

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Its been a long time coming buti here is our first release candidate. Help us test it so that we can figure out if it all really works.

Download Link
A new completely rewritten version of KC_EnhancedTrades has been finished and released.

A new description and patch notes will be available shortly. I'm also deleting all bug reports that do not appear to be associated with this line. This is a new set of code and the old bugs hopefully will not apply.
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05-06-06 09:38 AM by: Kaelten
05-06-06 - .94.5

-Fixed several issues with the new bank storage. Including the nil bugs.
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03-27-06 12:58 PM by: Kaelten

Patch Notes:
03-27-06 - .94.3

- Added a API to unregister a function.
- Control Right Click when at the auction house now does a search for that item.
- Shift Right Click will split one off of a stack and then place it in the first open slot in your bag
- Added better error checking in several spots.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.
- Hopefully fixed some of the bugs with typing /kci iteminfo
- Fixed issue related to per character profiling.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.
- Will now unregister with Tooltip.