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    02-10-07 04:25 PM by: Adriathys
    Here's a roadmap with some of the progress I've made as well as what's in store for flagRSP BC in the coming weeks and months.

    0.5.8 - Configuration Panel Release
    -Configuration Frame. Complete
    -Bug fixes. Complete

    0.5.9 - Minor Code Cleanup Release
    -Release Time: 2.1 Patch.
    -Remove unnecessary global variables. Possibly Complete
    -Fix any functions tainting the default UI. Possibly Complete
    -Add support for non-standard unit frames. Complete
    -Separate the Friendlist.lua file into two files, one for the UI one for the data. In Progress
    -Add in option to purge stored Flags in between sessions. Not Started
    -Update the relative tooltip display as well as other tooltip related items. Not Started
    -More bug fixes. (I'm looking at you, PVP Ranks.) In Progress
    -Anything else that comes up. If Necessary

    0.6.0 - Rewrites
    -Release Time: 2.2 Patch or When It's Done, whichever comes first.
    -Use the new memory functions in 2.1 to gauge performance and fix as necessary.
    -Optimize the interface so there's less OnUpdate processing.
    01-10-07 12:27 AM by: Adriathys
    I should have a new minor update of flagRSP BC for the new patch in a short while. I'm trying to get it to take advantage of the new Tooltip functions, but in so doing I ran into a couple of bugs with displaying the tooltip that I need to work out.

    One bug, that crept into the last version that will be fixed is the problem in Cross Realm battlegrounds. I'd set it up so that the tooltip would say "<UnitName> of <ServerName>", however the space between the unit name and "of" wasn't there. So, that's been fixed.

    Feel free to report any bugs with flagRSP and I'll see what I can do about fixing them.
    01-10-07 12:18 AM by: Adriathys
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