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Under Review
ID Feature Date By Interface Notes
4910 Add X/Y offset for mouse anchor mode 11-14-16 08:11 AM KonigTX TipTop None.
4978 Hide Faction Text 08-27-18 07:21 AM Khazgrim TipTop None.
4998 Classic Support 10-06-19 08:24 PM BuGsY TipTop None.
Feature Implemented
ID Feature Date By Interface Notes
4912 Font size 02-06-17 03:39 PM ceylina TipTop None.
4914 Disable class icons, unit name colours, and border colours for NPCs 02-20-17 06:18 PM sh77 TipTop
By: Seerah
02-22-17 08:09 PM
4919 Add font option for health bar text 07-31-17 12:03 PM ceylina TipTop None.
Wont add Feature
ID Feature Date By Interface Notes
4913 Expand time options and shrink garrison button 02-06-17 03:42 PM ceylina PocketPlot
By: Seerah
02-07-17 09:42 PM