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Ultra-Compact Theme
Feature #: 2909
File: RuneWatch
Date: 09-26-08 07:11 PM
By: Patchumz
Status: Currently Working On
I was thinking about something even more compact for those people that want extra space.

How about a rectangular bar with the 6 runes on it, which would also serve as the power bar and the disease tracker on top.

(Also it would be nice if the disease tracker had a fade option for when there were no diseases).

I've been trying to get this AddOn to where I can put it somewhere closer to the middle of my screen so I can look at it easier in combat and see what diseases I have up (Since i'm Unholy and rely HEAVILY on knowing that I got all 3 [Not counting UB] up at all times).. which is one reason i'd like this more compact version, so it doesn't obscure too much of my screen.

Here's some examples that I made in Photoshop real quick, maybe not perfect but two options that I was thinking of.


That shows the Disease counter ontop so that the diseases on the sides of it.


That shows the Disease counter on the left side, where you can have the diseases on the top+side or top+bottom.

Tell me what you think or if it's a viable suggestion. I can help if you need it. :)

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By: Voorije - 09-26-08 10:50 PM
I already have something like this in the works.