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be able to swap disease locations left to right
Feature #: 2919
File: RuneWatch
Date: 10-06-08 12:22 AM
By: kristovloki
Status: Under Review
the mod keeps blood plauge on the left side and icy plague on the right.

with my rotation i always cast the icy plague first since it has a 20 yard range and then use blood plauge second since it closes to melee range.

id like to request a simple mod to allow the order they appear in to be swappable since it makes alot more sense in my mind and buttons to keep them organized that way - this change would really be sweet for me and im sure some others who always open up with icy touch.

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By: Voorije - 10-12-08 04:10 AM
if you count Crypt Fever and Ebon Plague seperate that makes 5.

Crypt Fever
Ebon Plague
Frost Fever
Unholy Blight
Blood Plague
By: Patchumz - 10-07-08 09:19 AM
5 Diseases..? Since when?
By: Voorije - 10-06-08 02:24 AM
I will prolly add all configurations for disease placement in an upcoming release.

Especially since there's going to be 4 (actually 5) diseases being tracked.