Once the servers a back up and I can test things out the following new options will be added to AUF.

Raid name coloring for both statusbar text and name bar text.

API additions for Raid name coloring

Name Bar
<bar>RaidColor = TRUE -- if set to true raid coloring will be applied to player names. This won't affect NPC names but will override the default PvP status name coloring for player to raid name coloring

Status bar
For each of the 3 possible text options t1 - t3 raid coloring can be activated
<bar>.t#RaidColor = TRUE -- if set to true raid coloring will be applied to the text string. Note this applied to the entire text string. The text string does not need to display the players name or class but whatever the text does display will be colored to the class raid colors.

Also added length param for status bar text string. This will alow for the setting of the max length of a text string in the status bars.

<bar>.t#length = # -- Sets the max length of the text string much like the max length setting for the namebar.

Note the changes from my earlier post. The properites changed from tx.RaidColor and tx.length to txRaidColor and txlength.
02-08-06 09:22 AM by: Thirsterhall
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