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    Greetings! Someone is actually reading this? Thanks for at least glancing this way. Anyhow, this my little corner of WoWInterface were any and all of my UI related endeavors will be found. Here you may submit bug reports for any of my UIs or AddOns (except for those marked as "Outdated").
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    02-23-10 05:47 AM by: Zyonin
    As indicated by the bold orange font in my user-name, I am now a moderator on WoWInterface. While I won't do anything different, I will be able to dine on forum trolls, ruin spammer's days and otherwise help keep these boards running along smoothly. I operate on EU hours (GMT +1) so I will be seen at times of the day where the US based staff will be asleep.

    If you have questions; feel free to PM me, send me an IM (details are in my profile, I use Pidgin so choose your poison), or catch me on IRC (#wowuidev on Likewise, if you need your AddOn/UI approved and it's taking a while, let me know and I will look into it.
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    11-23-08 06:15 AM by: Lykofos
    Some time ago, I posted on the forums a mock up of some Unit Frames that I was in the process of building. Basically it was a "reskinning" of the default Unit Frames with a cleaner darker frame complete with a square portrait area. However the project got put on hold due to RL reasons then plain forgotten about. Not long ago, the idea came back to the forefront of that cavernous hanger that I like to call my skull. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the image files that I was creating thus I have to create them from scratch again.

    I finished the basic player/target frames and tested them in-game. They look pretty damn good. The color scheme is darker than my original project however its a better fit with my overall UI. I have also built a matching "extended" frame which works with the mod BUFX, although other extended frame mods such as KC_UnitFrames would also be happy with the frame. The overall effect is quite nice and gives the default Unit Frames a nice clean look. The portrait area is square which works nicely with Adapt set into the "square" display.

    I now need to work on the other Unit Frames. Currently I have the following that I need to build:
    • Pet
    • ToT
    • Party
    • Target Elite
    • Target Rare
    • Focus
    I have paired the new Unit Frames texture (via a folder in the Interface folder) with a custom mover mod so I can relocate my Unit Frames. I can now use the mod to override the default Unit Frame texture with my own AND add both Target Rare Elite and Target Boss frames. My plans for the Rare/Elite/Rare Elite/Boss frames are to dump the Dragon (though I will have a version with the Dragon for those who wish to use them) with letters in a Frame. The current plan is for this scheme
    • + Elite (Gold)
    • R Rare (Silver)
    • R+ Rare Elite (Silver)
    • B Boss (Red)
    In a small frame attached to the target frame. The color is for an at glance check and the letters for those who may be colorblind or have some difficulty seeing the color. The letters will be attach to the upper right part the frame as to not interfere with other mods that may hook into the default Unit Frames

    These new textures look great when paired with StatusQuo/Status Color or using an StatusBar texture overide (which I currently do). This project may branch out into replacing many of the default textures in-game (Spell Book, Character frame, etc) via a second AddOn. This is in much the same vein as Skinner however I will only the default Blizzard textures with my own. Likely they will be based on the ones in Skinner however I may look at adding a "portrait" window so the Adapt 3d animated portrait can be seen (as opposed to being visible under the frame with Skinner's frame replacements).

    There will be no in-game config for either AddOn, all config will be done by Lua editing. This is the way I have learned how to code in Lua and this is going my first "real" AddOn once it is released. I have chosen the no config route as this requires minimal resources (my frame mover uses 0kb according to Statblock_Memory).

    Anyway, that is what is going around here. Look for this project in the next month or two (unless Real Life decides to intervene which it as a nasty habit of doing). At this point, the difficult part (and time consuming) is building the textures, the code is pretty simple and I can bang it out pretty quickly.
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    11-11-07 07:51 AM by: Xinh
    Xi Beta 1 is up in the Downloads section. Please be aware that there are some bugs however this UI is usable. Check out the Read Me 1st file in the file.

    Direct linky:
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    11-08-07 12:11 PM by: Xinh
    Welcome to my portal. Not much here, however here you can file bug reports and make suggestions for my UI (and later mods!). Not much to say yet. Oh if you want to make a Paypal donations (got to pay the WoW bills somehow! ) please let me know via PM or comment.