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Welcome to my portal! Thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoy your stay.
03-22-06 05:44 AM by: tardmrr
Over the past week, I've finaly been able to rewrite FilterTradeSkill so that I could release an update. I've done a LOT of code cleanup actually reducing the total code by more then 2,000 lines. I made it LoadOnDemand, and it will automatically load itself right after Blizzard_TradeSkillUI. It also now uses the embeded verison of the AceHooks library which I'm very excited about.

In working on FilterTradeSkill, I discovered that a feature I didn't use much was actually horribly broken and didn't really work at all. D'oh! I've made major changes to how that is implemented. The new solution is much cleaner than the old and as a 'bonus' actually works! Anyway.... it's real, real late and I need to go to bed.
02-27-06 04:14 AM by: tardmrr
The other day I masterlooted for a raid and was very annoyed at how the interface forced me to know what group people were in to award them loot. I also hated needing to go 2 levels into a drop-down menu each time I just wanted to loot a boe to myself. And thus, EasyMasterLoot was born (you can laugh at my lame naming scheme later right now I'm too tired to care). I haven't implemented nearly all that I plan to, and I'm sure some people will have some cool feature suggestions. I'd also like to thank some members of my guild for putting up with a Deadmines raid for me to test out EML.

So anyway, you can find it here

Now, it's 4 in the morning, and I'm going to sleep.
My intial reaction (and your's too, I hope) is "Ooohh! Shiny!!" So I could go on for a few pages about how awesome this is and stuff, but I've got exams in the morning, and I'm a little tired. Anyways, BIG thanks to WoWI for this wonderful feature.
01-26-06 01:52 PM by: tardmrr
Yay! (if you hadn't noticed yet, I'm trying real hard to find things to post as news)
01-25-06 05:34 PM by: tardmrr
So as it turns out, it's real fun to mess with a system while it's torn apart and someone is adding features to it. Earlier today Dolby was busy adding "Update and Upload" stuff to the portal admin front page, and I came to play.... While the hood was up, posting news and quite a few other features were temporarily out of commission. Anyways, I enjoyed reloading the page to watch Dolby's progress on the front admin page, and since I'm bloody low on actual "news" I figured this little anecdote would have to do. So, in conclusion, news posting is back up and un-broken from earlier this afternoon; yay!