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11-22-07 12:25 AM by: Si_
I've just uploaded a new version of Comix.


New Feature: Ready Check Sounds - sounds that will fire when a ready check is called and when you call a ready check.

New ability sounds - The windfury sound needs testing, if anyone can give feedback on it please do.


Sounds that didnt play after 2.2 have been fixed.

this may not be all the changes, but its been a while since i started working on it after patch 2.2 and might have forgotten stuff, if i have then SURPRISE free bonus stuff :P
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09-11-07 07:49 PM by: Si_
I've just uploaded version 1.5 of comix for you guys to sink your teeth into, sorry for not posting new for 1.4 if anyone cares.

New in 1.5

Death Images - now when you die, you get images as well as sound

Resurrection Sound - people who have played serious sam 2 may recognise this sound, it should play when someone tries to res you, or if you res from a soulstone/ankh, the darkmoon card should work also, if there are any problems let me know so i can fix em.
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07-26-07 03:55 AM by: Si_
this may or may not be obvious to everyone but i couldn't think of anything as my first news post

The first version here is 1.3 the changes from 1.2 are:

Finish Him should now be working. the slider for finish him now shows the percentage value between 1 and 50, no longer a decimal number, when running for the first time make sure you adjust the value on the slider

separated ability sounds to their own condition (including sprint/dash) cannibalize is tied to this too

added ice block sound

removed pyroblast sound, it may come back in if i find a less annoying sound for it

more death sounds have been added