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    Welcome everyone! I hope you find my mod(s) useful! Also, many thanks to Elayneff, the addon goddess, for helping me get up and running with mod creation!
    02-08-07 10:49 AM by: Triden
    I'm currently in the process of rewriting much of the backend for Traxie in order to accommodate stuff like tracking items picked up from your mailbox or from a player trade. It should also help clear up (hopefully) a number of the bugs that are currently occurring. Of course, I'm sure it will introduce a whole array of new bugs..but such is life. Once I get something working reasonably well, I'll release it here.
    02-06-07 07:10 PM by: Triden
    Bug Fix:

    - Fixed a bug related to the previous fix where it was only being applied to items picked up in more than 1 quantity at a time. Accurate portrayal of amounts should be more consistent now.

    You can now check to see what version you have installed by typing /traxie with no parameters.
    02-06-07 02:11 PM by: Triden
    Bug fixes:

    - Item counts should now be accurately represented after picking up additional items that had not been tracked previously but existed in your inventory. (i.e., previously, if you had Rugged Leather x 5 in your bags and Traxie wasn't already tracking it, if you picked up another one it would just display Rugged Leather x 1 -- now it will display Rugged Leather x 6).
    02-05-07 07:41 PM by: Triden
    This version fixes a bug that kept the item rarity filter from working.

    Note that you must delete your Traxie.lua file in your character SavedVariables folder located at:

    <WoW Directory>/WTF/Account/<YourAccountName>/<ServerName>/<CharacterName>/SavedVariables/Traxie.lua
    02-05-07 06:13 PM by: Triden
    This version of Traxie adds the ability to set the minimum item rarity level you want tracked. So, if you just want green (uncommon) items or above tracked, you can do that by typing:

    /traxie threshold green


    /traxie threshold uncommon

    There is currently no GUI for this, but there will be eventually!