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06-22-10 08:21 AM by: Soulofsin_007
Well, ZoneLevel2 is chugging along nicely, I've almost got it out to a beta testable state. I've got a couple more dungeons to add to the tables and then go through and localize it all. I'm using a new localization method that I hope will be better in the long run.

Unfortunately, I can not test the system to see what kind of bugs are in it. (At least to my knowledge.) I'm hoping that it will work 110% smooth with no bugs when first released. Somethings that I had to hold off on for now are faction specific icons. I was having an issue with the art and not being able to make it work correctly. I've gotten ZoneLevel's icon's working right. Its now just getting the logic down to determine what color the icon should be.

After that it is just slash commands and making sure the small ones work and it should be into a beta-testable state.

I'm hoping nothing in 3.3.5 broke ZoneLevel or ShadowExperience. If they are broken at all I will do my 110% best to get them back to a working order.

I've got alot of plans for ZoneLevel2 and I'm really excited about getting it out. I want to make it usable by alot more people instead of just people who are leveling or are new to the game and want to know more about the zone. I hope to find away to implement modules into it so that you can shut them on and off. Some various features would add back support for gathering skills in the zones and maybe even suggested zones. This would also allow the community to build modules if they really wanted. ZoneLevel2 will provide the base support and all you would have to do is add to it.

Thanks for reading, back to coding.
12-15-09 01:39 PM by: Soulofsin_007
ZoneLevel2 is being worked on. Right now it isn't in a releasable working order. Somethings that are going to change upon release is some of the features will not be in the initial version. I want to take the time to implement them right into the addon and not have any error what so ever. I also want to get modules working correctly so other people can develop stuff to go along side of ZoneLevel2.

Right now there is a copy up on my SVN, but its more just for backup then anything else. Right now it only supports two zones, and shows the icon. I'm going to be working on it again soon and hope to have a testable copy soon.
08-28-09 03:51 PM by: Soulofsin_007
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