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Hey peeps, welcome to my portal. I've set this up mainly so I can have an organised section for feature requests and bug reports. Or, if I create a fantastic new addon, then I can post news and things about it here too.

For now, I hope you're loving Auditor as much as I loved coding it!
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05-07-09 01:38 PM by: Alarisha
Version 4.0.5
- Fix for Time Offset error.

Version 4.0.4
- Added in Profile management.
- Fix for icon setting not saving when using Broker2FuBar.

Version 4.0.3
- Added adjustable tooltip scale.
- Removed a couple of random commented out bits I forgot to take out earlier.

Version 4.0.1
- Oops. Bad me. Bad!

Version 4.0.0
- Ell dee bee (LDB).
- Spicy meatballs.
- An icon I quite liked. Spot it if you can!
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01-03-08 10:43 AM by: Alarisha
- Added option to allow display of Realm Total on FuBar, e.g. 101.7g/5342.6g.
- Nil check added for when AuditorFu has been disabled, or hasn't finished loading.
- Added in Guild Bank category.
- Complete rewrite. Crossed fingers, everyone. Hehehehe.
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08-09-07 03:59 AM by: Alarisha
- Bugfix: Open All type functionality from CT_MailMod and Postal etc now works for AH incomings. Big thanks to Dataforce from WoWi for letting me know about a specific WoW event I didn't know about.
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07-30-07 11:25 AM by: Alarisha
- Added new category: Reconciliation. This category deals with cash discrepancies when you log in, and is used instead of Unknown. Unknown, to clarify, now exclusively handles in-game discrepancies from lag etc.
- Added CashNotify option for Mailbox.
- Added zhTW localisation - thanks Norova!
- Fixed .toc for the French localisation - must have been broken for ages, but no one mentioned it. Hehe.
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05-30-07 10:05 AM by: Alarisha
- Updated .toc for the new patch.
- Added new Compact Mode for cashflow display - defaulted to ON, 'cos it's cool.
- Compact Mode will hide categories from the tooltip that contain no data, e.g. if you have not visited a vendor, so have neither gained nor lost money at a vendor, then the vendor line will be hidden.
- TO TURN IT OFF: Use the standard menu, and it is a new option called Compact Mode.
- Made various changes to the tooltip to make it more pretty!