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This is where I (very occasionally) post info on my addons. I make addons that I, personally, think are necessary, and that I can't find in any other available works. Check out the files list to see what I've done so far.
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08-07-08 12:22 PM by: Casull
I updated BattleWatch today with projections, so it's now almost functional as a castbar on its own. The addon isn't nearly done yet, though. For projections, I want to make it draw an arrow upward that shrinks slowly as you near the target time if the projected finish time is out of display range.

BattleWatchTalk, a module that allows you to see your friends' hosts, its almost done. I've written it optimizing for bandwidth, as I'd like to minimize the effect of latency; as a result, it uses some basic compression and is a pain to debug. Once that's done, I'm going to add a color picker to the menu so you can choose colors for projections, success, failiure, etc, because my color sense sucks.

Once that's all done I'll see where I am. I'd still like to add ticks to the side to indicate how much time per centimeter is represented, so that will probably be done. I'm not sure about adding text... I like the idea that BattleWatch has no numbers associated with it, only images and colors.

The base code for host is still in a very transitional state, but every change I make makes it a little bit more extensible. If you're thinking of writing a plugin, take a look at the code now to see where I'm going with it, but it's liable to change a lot soon. I'm happy to answer any questions.

BigRed is essentially finished. If you have any suggestions, I'll certainly hear them, but it's unlikely that I'll expand it. I'll fix any bugs found, of course.

BattleWatch has finally been re-released. It's been reworked so many times that I honestly doubt much if any of the original code is present in the current version. The code may be a little messy in places right now, but overall I'm very happy with how it has turned out and am eager to expand it. Very open to suggestions on this one.

I'm thinking of starting a new addon once BattleWatchTalk is done, but it's barely on the drawing board, so I don't want to say anything yet. I'm thinking of calling it "Knapsack"...
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05-19-08 06:01 AM by: Casull
BigRed is done! It's tiny and helps a lot, so you'd better grab it here!

I'm getting started on getting done with BattleWatch as well. I also had a queuing helper mod in the works, but with the recent arena mechanic change (lose rating even if no one enters battle), it's less important. Stay tuned for BattleWatch.
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02-07-08 12:33 AM by: Casull

I have two addons, BigRed and BattleWatch, that are nearing completion. I'm hoping to post them at the same time, but one is significantly more complex than the other so that may not happen.

The first of the addons, BigRed, is a tiny project aimed at one of the most obnoxious yet ignored parts of the default UI: error messages. It seems like half the shots of awesome UIs I see are streaked with big red letters saying "Out of range" right in the middle. The project started when a friend asked how to get rid of them; I gave him a simple macro and began using it myself, but I found that sometimes I wanted to actually read the messages. BigRed essentially cleans them up so that they're much less obtrusive. It offers the following:
  • Non-repeating messages so that you won't have "need more mana" six times - they flash whenever a hit shows up
  • Moveable, scaled, window so that you can put the messages wherever you want
  • Totally customizable visuals; choose your own font/size/fade time

A few caveats: I couldn't edit the sound effect, as it doesn't go through the Lua, and quest completion messages will still spam you. I'll address that later, but it happens so rarely that I'm not really concerned right now. I'm aware that other addons exist to do things like this, but none of them offer the level of customization I'm looking for, and it hasn't been hard to write.

The second addon is BattleWatch - it's been revamped and redesigned ground up, Ace2'd, un-Ace2'd, Ace3'd, unAce3'd, and then redesigned once more for good measure. If you've tried the older versions, you know what it's about - if you haven't, I can't explain it here, so look at the pictures of the other ones for a general idea.

I went back to the drawing board and generalized the code a lot more, so that you can replace various components (like the display style) without messing the rest of it up. It also accepts plugins a lot more readily. The code is much cleaned and more efficient in general (not that it says much). I scaled back the options menu and the communication features. The addon now tracks based on units - you create a host for "player", "target", etc. After this is finished, communication should be very simple to implement.

The roadblocks are the GUIs. If anyone has experience setting up visual menus and wouldn't mind lending a hand, please let me know. The rest I'll be able to handle in a hopefully reasonable time frame.

Thanks for reading, all two of you :]