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Beta Version 0.7 Changelog (so far)

Chat Bubbles:

- Removed Chat Bubble Backdrop for a nicer look (Its not working in Raids, but i dont know why yet)

Unit Frames:

- Removed the Role Icons from Unitframes
- Removed Buffs from ToT Frame
- Removed Aura Bars from Playerframe
- Removed Red Glowing Threat Border from Player Frame
- Removed Sidebar (All the Stuff i had there can simply be moved to OPie)
- Turned "Heal Prediction" for Player and Target Unitframe off
- Turned off "Heal Deficit" Number from Raid Frames
- Added "In Combat" Icon over Player Portrait
- Added Buff Icons to Playerframe
- Added a small Class colored Icon to Raid and Party Unitframes
- Adjusted Position of Name and Health of Target Unitframe
- Adjusted Position of Special Ability Button

New Addons*:

- Micro Scrolling Battle Text
- Big Wigs
- Champion Commander
- Easy Scrap
- Azerite Tooltip
- OPie

* Detailed Instructions on how to setup these Addons to look exactly like mine can be found in the Installation.txt of DatUI
* OPie will not make it into DatUI. Its Customization Option in terms of Style are very limited and it is very Class and User dependent, so there is no Point in including it.