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This is where you'll find the stuff I make. I think that's descriptive enough.
12-24-08 10:24 PM by: Slashee the Cow
Well, I woke up on my side anyway. I've been pretty busy this month (organising my affairs for next year), what I've been working on is still coming and should hopefully arrive in January (don't hold your breath, there are still a few things I need to work out).
11-28-08 02:11 AM by: Slashee the Cow
You may have noticed that I updated my 3 LDB mods to r4 earlier (even DBM3 LBD, because I personally prefer the older version, don't ask why). That's not what I was teasing (poorly) about earlier, although the changes I made, I learned from playing around with what I actually am working on.
11-27-08 06:45 PM by: Slashee the Cow
I suppose everyone who is reading this (thanks, both of you) is curious about what I'm doing now. Well, I'm still working on it, and not really wanting to talk about it yet (it may be, and probably is, just me, but I don't like talking about what I'm doing until it's finished). Let me just say that while still being fairly simple, it makes the LDB addons I've done so far look simple...r.
11-10-08 10:53 PM by: Slashee the Cow
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