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07-29-18 02:12 PM by: Maizmo
I am really happy with 0.6 right now. The Installer works and does most of the Stuff that i want automatically. There are still some things that i want to addto it, but since i have absolutely no idea on how to do that, getting the installer to a some sort of "Final" Version will be tricky. Anyhow: If you have any Questions for DatUI, please post it in the comment section, since this is and will be the place where i will look for feedback and bugs.

Beta Version 0.6

General UI Changes:

- Version 0.1 of the custom Installer for DatUI is out (Very Basic, not many options, more to come in the Future)

- Changed Default UI Font (The old one was terrible, i dont know why that happened)
- Changed Unitframe Backdrop from Black to Class Backdrop, because it was very (VERY) hard to see in Dark Places
- Changed the Transparency and Color Settings of the UI Backdrop to be a little darker and a little less "See-Through"

- Several Changes to Target and ToT Unitframes (Powerbar, Portrait, etc)
- Small Size Adjustements for Chat and Bag Windows aswell as Petbar and Sidebar

New Addons:

- "ElvUI Layout Installer" (Custom UI Profile Installer for DatUI)
- "InstancePortals" (Shows Dungeon & Raid Entrance Locations on Map)
- "DejaCharacterStats" (Enhances the Character Frame with additional Information)
- "Postal" (Mailbox Enhancement)
- "AngryKeystones" (Enhanced Mythic Keystone Objective Tracker)
- "Classic Quest Log" (Brings back the old Questlog before Patch 3.3.0)
- "nibMicroMenu" (Text Based Micro Menu)

Removed Addons:

- "Masque"
- "SharedMedia"
- "RareScanner" (Didnt really fit the theme of the UI)

Additional Changes:

- With the removal of SharedMedia and Masque, the download size is now only 3mb
- OPie didnt make the cut. I simply didnt have enough time, it will come in the next update