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    Hello and welcome!

    Please post comments and bug reports.

    Feedback is highly encouraged and will help shape future development.
    The original HandyNotes 1.2.0+ is available on Curse and WowInterface.
    12-29-10 05:46 AM by: Isharra
    Instructions for modifying HandyNotes_* addons to work with HandyNotes (tempfix) if they were using Astrolabe-0.4 (so far all that I've checked have done so.)

    Please comment if they work or don't work for you.
    I've uploaded a new release of HandyNotes (tempfix) 1.16b with the added compat call to support HandyNotes_Mailboxes (and general Astrolabe cleanup.)

    I've also uploaded HandyNotes_Mailboxes (tempfix) 1.07 so you don't have to type out the changes yourselves.

    Please let me know if it works or causes problems (I don't normally use it since my city maps become flooded in mailbox icons.)
    12-14-10 10:41 AM by: Isharra
    The only difference is an upgrade from Astrolabe-1.0 r123 to Astrolabe-1.0 r125.
    12-14-10 08:41 AM by: Isharra
    It's been years since I worked on MyBags so it seems strange that I'm still listed as an addon author.

    I've posted my copy of HandyNotes using Astrolabe-1.0 which works for me, your mileage may vary of course.

    thegabbert continued to maintain MyBags long after I was unable to play (hand and shoulder injuries.) In the meantime Takika has been working on an Ace3 update MyBags3.