07-17-18 02:10 AM by: Gethe

As with every expac, change is the name of the game, and this one is no different. Most of these changes affect addons, though often to varying degrees. While the core of RealUI is prepared for these changes, unfortunately not all have made the necessary updates.

Specifically, I have yet to see any activity regarding Clique, Grid2 and PhanxChat. They may still get updated within the next few days/weeks, and I will update this post if they are.

RealUI has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but the biggest are yet to come. This version marks the start of a transition toward a more unified interface suite.

All of the compiled addons like cargBags, KuiNameplates, and even Bartender will eventually be replaced by "in-house" versions. This will make it easier to fully integrate these features into the interface as a whole, rather than relying on hacks to force them to do something.

In light of this, the version number has been reset and simplified. It will now follow a major.minor.patch format. Major will be increased if there is a necessity to even partially wipe settings, don't expect this to happen often if at all. Minor is when an addon or feature is added, removed, or significantly changed. Patch for bugfixes and minor tweaks.

To further mark the occasion, a brand new logo was commissioned from the talented Stephano Sue. You've probably already seen his work on Method's branding, as well as WeakAuras and many others.

Speaking of changes, one of the significant changes in this version is to the interface skin. The old addons !Aurora_RealUI and Aurora have been combined into a single addon: RealUI_Skins.

This new addon will provide all skinning capabilities for RealUI and is not optional. RealUI_Skins also brings with it new skinning options such as configurable frame and button colors as well as class colors.

Additionally, all pixel fonts have been removed in favor of the standard font, Roboto. The primary reason for this is readability. Pixel fonts really only look good at a specific size, and when scaled can quickly get pretty ugly. Furthermore they can be difficult to read at any size for anyone that has a visual impairment.

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