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I've written a lot of addons over the years just never released them until now. IncomingCaller is just the first of hopefully many to come! Some examples:

NoFlyZone - Alerts you when your too close to enemy cities in Outland via sound and SCT or Chat.

AuctionLevelSearch - Fills in the level fields based your level minus a selected number. For example if your 20 and you have it set to 5 then it will place 15 in the minimum level and 25 in the max. It will also select item quality.

TargetAlert - Similar to NoFlyZone but alerts you about a particular event when a target is selected. For example if it is a quest mob or if target is flagged for pvp etc.

I have many more those are just the closest to being release quality
08-01-08 10:02 PM by: Soulsbane
I've decided to add some options to IncomingCaller. You will be able to customize the incoming and safe calls to whatever text you want. In addition I've added a throttle(or delay depending on how you look at it) when you click the button. This will also be customizable(default is five seconds).

AuctionLevelSearch is about finished. I'm just trying to decide how I want to do the item quality in the options panel. This is a very old addon(the first I ever wrote in fact I think) that instead of just adding options I've decided to rewrite most of it
07-26-08 05:20 PM by: Soulsbane
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