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01-19-09 09:23 AM by: Chimaine
Finally! cRange2 is overall ready to go.
Everything seems to work. Still playing with the idea of an ingame config and LSM support.
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12-16-08 04:55 PM by: Chimaine
cRange2 is a complete rewrite of cRange and will have modules for every class if there are enough indicators aviable.

The problem I'm facing right know:
Range detection is based of spell range. Not every class has a melee, 10y, 20y, 30y and so on ability. So I'm thinking about how usefull it is for a specific class.
Some spell ranges even have a different range if they are talented. So I can not make a flat indicator for 5m, 10m and so on...

Next problem:
Some spells I'm using are high level spells and not aviable for low level chars or they are talented abilitys (like Scatter Shot).

Not sure if I'm able to solve these two problems... Really bothers me ^^"
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11-10-08 07:01 AM by: Chimaine
cRange hat nun in seiner Version 1.1 schon einen ganz guten Funktionsumfang erreicht und ich finde das reicht auch 25kb verbraucht es jetzt.

Schauts euch an!