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    08-18-08 07:01 PM by: Shannae
    Welcome to Shannae's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!

    What a cute default message, I think I'll leave it. ^.^

    Anyways, this portal is likely to remain pretty empty for a while, as I sift through the million different projects in my head. Luckily (maybe) for you, this state makes me prone to considering a lot of feature requests or new mod ideas. My current To Do list follows:

    Finalize and publish my WotLK UI pack.
    • with the skins for TempestRaven
    • and the skins for Delphia
    • and of course the skin for Moonpool
    • better database routines
    • proof of concept channelless communication mode
    • improve tooltip handler
    • deal with the rp buttons issues
    RPWriter (working title, unpublished)
    • madlibs style description creator
    • direct update for all three description addons
    • plug in architecture for new description styles
    lolBrackets (working title, unpublished)
    • intelligent OOC brackets
    • defineable bracket style
    • private and blizzard channels support
    RP Moad (working title, unpublished)
    • The RP Mode feature present in most Flag Add Ons, extracted unto itself.
    Novelist (working title, unpublished)
    • Full featured text editor for WoW
    • Include ability to transmit text to channels and emotes